Livestock Section

8:30 am prompt Judging of Hereford Cattle

9:30 am prompt Judging of Pedigree Beef Breeding Cattle
10:00 am prompt Judging of Butcher's Commercial Cattle

8:30 am prompt Judging of National Ryeland Sheep Show
9:30 am prompt Judging of all other Sheep Classes

Exhibitors must observe the cleansing and disinfecting requirements and DEFRA biosecurity rules.


Hereford cattle
The society is staging the 35th National Show of Hereford Cattle,
(horned section of h.h.b.s.) and a separate schedule is available on request.
Judging at 8:30 am


Cattle section
Passports must accompany cattle to the showground.

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Livestock Schedule as a PDF

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The Society is proud to be hosting
the National Ryeland Sheep Show